Occupational Therapy: Consultation Forms


Occupational Therapists may utilize these Consultation resources to provide classroom based strategies to students.

This resource includes five performance areas of occupational performance, addressing a total of 16 concerns.

These consultation forms are strategies that may be implemented, monitored, and the effectiveness/response discussed to improve student performance within the context of the students’ learning environment.

Checklist Index:

(1) Activities of daily living:

  • Dressing
  • Mealtime

(2) Handwriting:

  • Hand Fatigue
  • Pencil Grasp
  • Letter Formation & Size
  • Spatial organization & correct spacing between letters/words
  • Letter Reversal/Orientation
  • Producing legible/Organized handwritten work
  • Copying

(3) Mobility & Accessibility:

  • Sitting Upright
  • Navigating Classroom & School Environment
  • Walking in a Line

(4) Organization of Materials & Time Management:

  • Organizing Materials
  • Managing Time and Planning

(5) Sensory Processing:

  • Touch and Handling School Materials/Tools
  • Fidgeting/Distractibility/Activity level


** This is an 18- PAGE PDF