OT TELEHEALTH TREATMENT PLAN Level 1: Session 6= Rain/April Showers


Looking for Occupational Therapy Treatment Plans for Providing Telehealth?

These Rain/April Showers Themed Treatment Plans Do The Work For You!

    • Two (2) different treatment plans for use at a child’s home
    • Written list of needed materials that can be found in child’s home
    • Written OT activity page that also includes resources for parents to download
    • All resources have child-friendly images to encourage participation

Targets Needs In The Following Areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills- grasp, dexterity, hand strength, object manipulation
  • Visual Motor Skills- tracing, drawing, coloring, mazes
  • Gross Motor Skills- strength, balance, motor planning, endurance
  • Bilateral Coordination- scissor use
  • Sensory Skills- body awareness, tactile integration
  • Cognitive Skills- following directions, sequencing, early reading, task adherence, memory
  • Visual Perception-patterns
  • Handwriting- printing practice

Target Age Range= Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2