Printing Power Squad! Tools to Address Handwriting Rules


Are you looking for a fun, simple, and motivating intervention tool to use addressing handwriting?  If so, we have a practical and effective tool for you!

A convenient and appealing way to promote handwriting rules and printing practice! Kids will want to be a Printing Superhero and follow all the Handwriting Rules!


Packet includes the following tools:

>> (1) Let’s Meet the “Printing Power Squad!”– Included is a set of posters with each Printing Power Squad Superhero displayed. There are 6 Printing Power Squad Superheroes in total. Each is unique and addresses one handwriting rule.

>> (2) “Printing Power Squad” Board Game, Game Rules, & Game Cards – The Printing Power Squad Board Game is a fun and motivating tool to use in individual or group sessions. There are a total of 6 worksheets for each handwriting rule. Simply print out the Board Game, Game Rules, and Worksheets. Print the worksheets double sided, so that the handwriting rule number is on one side and the worksheet on the other side.

>> (3) “Printing Power Squad” Rule Posters – Includes 6 high quality posters. Each poster shows a Printing Superhero, a written description of the Handwriting Rule, and an example. These posters are a great visual reminder of Handwriting Rules to use in your clinic, classroom, work space, or home environment.

>> (4) “Printing Power Squad” Awards: Editable! – After completing the Printing Power Squad board game, and/or after the child has mastered each handwriting rule, the student receives their award! Included are separate awards for each rule and an overall printing superhero award. This is an editable PDF – open and type!

>> (5) “Printing Power Squad” Pencil Toppers – A fun fine motor activity that not only gives children the chance to manipulate and use classroom materials (scissors, tape), the child will also have a visual of each of the Printing Power Squad Superheroes. What a great way to remind children to follow rules that encourage improved performance in the area of handwriting!

>> (8) Digital Google Slide: Meet the “Printing Power Squad!” – Open PDF and click links to make a copy of the Google Slides. Click a Hero on the “Main Menu” to learn that Handwriting Rule!

>> (6)  Printing Superhero Printable Masks –  Children will really enjoy the opportunity to create a Printing Power Squad Superhero mask of their own! While cutting, coloring and decorating, the child will be able to identify with each Printing Superhero and their corresponding handwriting rule!

>> (7) “Printing Power Squad” Tokens – Once student has mastered a Printing Power Squad Handwriting Rule, they achieve a Printing Power Token. Cut and paste token and place in the Power Token Board. Collect all 6 tokens!