SPEECH TELEHEALTH TREATMENT PLAN Level 1: Session 3= Butterfly/Caterpillar


Looking for Speech Therapy Treatment Plans for Providing Telehealth?

These Butterfly/Caterpillar Themed Treatment Plans Do The Work For You!

  • Two (2) different treatment plans for use at a child’s home
  • Written list of needed materials that can be found in child’s home
  • Written Speech Therapy activity page that also includes resources for parents to download
  • All resources have child-friendly images to encourage participation

Targets Needs In The Following Areas:

  • Vocabulary- written and visual aids for theme related words
  • Following Directions- listening, language comprehension, executing a sequencing
  • Attention- sustained effort, focus
  • Wh Questions- open ended questions that include who, what and where
  • Oral Motor- oral functions for biting, licking, chewing, and swallowing
  • Sensory- smell, taste, touch, movement
  • Categorization- sorting and finding similarities
  • Compare/Contrast-build language for descriptive concepts and target making comparisons and contrasting

Version 1 = 9 pages

Versions 2 = 9 pages

Target Age Range= Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 1