Summer Weekly Plans & Activities: Level 2 = Grade 2 – Grade 4

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  • Are you looking for a complete NO PREP summer packet?
  • Are you looking for detailed Weekly plans, instructions, and printable resources that accompany the 2021 monthly Activity-a-Day Calendar?
  • We have exactly what you are looking for! We have done the planning and organizing for you! Simply Print and Go!

This 78 page Printable PDF includes detailed weekly lesson plans/instructions and accompanying activities for children in the second through fourth grades.

Activities include:

  • I Spy Bottle
  • Maze – Moderate Challenge Level
  • Fingerprint Art
  • Fold and Cut
  • Therapy Putty Hand Exercises
  • Exercise Visuals + Instructions
  • Copy Me! Body Positions
  • Coin Match – Match the Price
  • Spatial Relations
  • Puffy Paint Ice Cream Recipe and Craft
  • Handwriting Practice (ABC Order, Boxed Words, A-Z Scavenger Hunt,  Secret Code, Hang Man, Cryptogram, Summer Story, Write a Letter, Make a List)
  • Gross Motor Animal Walks and Spinner Game
  • Proper Letter Formation Chart
  • Tactile Recipes (Goop)
  • Hole Punch Art
  • Word Search
  • Find the Differences
  • Hang Man
  • Paper Clip Jellyfish Craft
  • Sensory Coloring
  • Mixed up Word Search/Scan
  • Fish Tangram Activity
  • Copy the Butterfly
  • Q-Tip Art = Palm Tree
  • Smoothie Recipe – Visual Instructions
  • And Much More!!