Everything You Need for Developing and Implementing a Sensory Diet at home for a child with sensory processing challenges.

** Version 1 = Multiple Home Routines per Page

One tool to help a child with sensory processing difficulties is the use of a “Sensory Diet”. This “diet” includes possible changes to your child’s home/community environment as well as participation in meaningful sensory based activities. This “diet”, or “menu” of activities and strategies should be selected with a child’s interests and individual needs in mind.

Tools to Grow has everything you will need to learn about, educate others, develop, and implement a SENSORY DIET!

This resource includes:

  • Background Information Guide
  • How To Create a Sensory Diet Tip Sheet
  • Parent/Caregiver Information and Instruction Page
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Editable Title Page
  • Home Routine Charts
  • 92 Picture Symbols to depict suggested activities or changes to the home environment
  • Parent/Caregiver Information and Instructions
  • Protocol for Parent/Caregiver Use
  • Tracking Form