Strengthening Exercise Program


Perfect Tool for Teletherapy, Direct Therapy, and Carry Over!

There are a total of 38 cards and 38 posters that provide child friendly image(s) that depicts an exercise that the child is to imitate

  • Cards = 4 per page
  • Posters = 2 per page

Each exercise card/poster includes written instructions to further explain how to perform the exercise. There are 4 sets of cards/posters in the following categories:

  • Core Strength
  • Upper Extremity Strength
  • Lower extremity Strength
  • Bilateral Coordination

Occupational & Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program:

  • Includes instructions for therapists from
  • Parent letter for home carry-over for each discipline
  • Three versions of exercise implementation forms for monitoring and tracking for each discipline

Strengthening Exercise Program

  • A fun way to encourage children to develop muscle strength, balance, and overall endurance.
  • The following strengthening exercises are used by therapists to further develop muscle strength and improve proximal stability (stability of the joints closest to the body such as the shoulder girdle and the hip joint) thus providing the support needed for optimal postural alignment and endurance, improved balance, and age appropriate motor coordination.
  • Improved hip stability and lower extremity strength provides a strong foundation for controlled transitions into and out of positions, efficient gait, and improved mobility skills (running, jumping, hopping, and climbing).
  • Increased shoulder stability and upper extremity strength provides a foundation for increased hand strength and improved fine motor control and precision.