Animal Walks Packet


Animal Walks allow a child/student to pretend to be an animal. Animal walks can be used as part of an obstacle course, game, warm-up/preparatory activity, etc.
Benefits of Animal Walks include:

  • Improve body and hand strength
  • Allow for weight bearing
  • Improve bilateral coordination
  • Following directions and motor planning
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills
  • Improve spatial awareness

This Packet Includes:

  • Animal Walk Posters – Color Version with Color Background
  • Animal Walk Posters – Color Version with White Background
  • Animal Walk Posters – Black/White (Ink Friendly) Version
  • Animal Walk Transition Cards: Color Version
  • Animal Walk Transition Cards:  Black/White (Ink Friendly) Version
  • What are Animal Walks? – Information Sheet
  • Spin & Animal Walk!
  • Spin & Walk Like a???